Saturday, July 21, 2012

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation - aka JDRF

While we were in Burlington last week, I ran into a very nice man named Tony who was wearing an awesome shirt that read "F DIABETES".   Unable to resist asking him about the shirt, it turns out that he is also a T1 diabetic and that he and an entire team from NJ had driven up to Vermont for the JDRF Ride for the Cure - a 100 mike bike race to increase awareness of the autoimmune disease and to raise money for diabetes research.   In the short conversation I had with Tony I learned that his team alone had raised nearly one million dollars... amazing, right?!

I'd never heard of "JDRF" before - remember I'm still newly diagnosed with only 1.5 years of insulin dependence under (on?) my belt - so I began to do some online research.  Holy Cow is this organization an amazing source of information and a solid support community!  From my initial reading, JDRF is the leading global organization focused on type 1 diabetes research with the admirable  mission of treatment, prevention and cure of insulin dependence.   It has more information about type 1 specifics than even the American Diabetes Association and what an easy site to navigate - props to those web designers!

Now, I could boil down what the website has to say here, but I'm not going to.  The purpose of this blog is for me to share my experiences and bridge the gap between incomprehensible medical mumbo-jumbo and the vernacular for those who may find my writing style agreeable... But if there are readers out there who are interested in learning more about the Foundation, what it does and/or how to get involved, check out their wonderful website at:!

And for the record... Tony made the Tshirt he was wearing and very graciously shared with me the url for where I can get one of my own.  I ordered mine in Gray - the type 1 diabetes awareness color.  So if you'd like to get an "F Diabetes" tshirt as well (and in doing so put a smile on the face of some random insulin-dependent who sees you wearing it) go to:

Rock on. 


  1. I am Big Tone, aka Tony in the post. Anyone with or around T1D knows we can find a cure because of the passion associated with this group. This blog rocks. F Diabetes.

  2. Yay Tony! So glad you checked out my blog!

    So I joined the JDRF online community and sent in my "who's your #1" story and it's already up on their website! Check it out at: