Thursday, July 26, 2012

Echo Results

Halfway through the drive back from Burlington tonight, we stopped at this mom-pop type bakery on Route 7 called "The Love Shack."  Having spent a good portion of the day whining about wanting a cookie, HB graciously stopped to pacify my craving and we scoured the baked goods for the perfect selection...  Ultimately purchasing a bakers dozen of cookies out of sheer indecision, we taste tested a few on the drive home and - ironically - determined that the "Motherly Love" cookie is better than either the "Puppy Love" or "Summer's Love" cookies.

Why, you might ask, is this cookie better than the others? Made with dried cranberries and white chocolate morsels, this "Motherly Love" had the right blend of sweetness and acidity to make the perfect cookie bite (not to mention a valid parenting suggestion).  So flavor wise, the cookie was more complex and more foodie-palate-satisfying than either the chocolate and peanut butter chip cookie or the chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.  But that's not all... the "Motherly Love" cookie was better than the others because of the name and the outcome of my day.

The fetal echocardiogram went beautifully.  After spelling out the likely complications that diabetes can cause for fetal heart development, the neonatal cardiologist said that Baby's heart couldn't look more normal and that based on what he saw there is no need to do additional testing to confirm his findings.  In other words, Baby's heart is developing in the best case non-diabetic pregnancy kind of way - thanks be to God!  He was also very pleased with my weight gain thus far and the simplicity that my body-type creates for diagnosing complications in the baby - thanks be to Sean T for helping get me in the best pre-pregnancy shape possible!  

So what does this mean? It means that my BG control has rocked and that any of the complications my diabetes could cause for the baby thus far aren't an issue.  Granted, it's a bit early to straight out celebrate as BG control directly correlates to baby size/weight (that will only be determined in the final weeks of pregnancy through ultrasounds), but I'm feeling pretty good about things and we're very relieved that diabetes:Baby::baseball:daisies - completely irrelevant!

Obviously there are other issues that we still need to keep an eye on - where the placenta is, any possible issues with fetal growth and how my blood pressure is doing for preclampsia purposes (98/50 today btw) - but all of that is fortunately non-diabetes related and out of my hands.  I know and so do my doctors that I am doing everything I possibly can for a healthy baby and, at the end of the day, that helps me sleep at night.

Thanks for the support. I'll let you know how the next prenatal appointment goes when I get back to VA and can touch base thoroughly with my MFM down there. :)

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