Monday, April 13, 2015

Well Baby and Follow-up Appointments

Today was a big mile stone for little FG as he had back-to-back appointments with the pediatrician and the pulmonologist this morning.  Beginning with his routine two month well baby appointment, we found out that despite the struggles we've been having with his reflux and sensitive tummy, FG is growing exceptionally well.  He has put on several pounds and a few inches to become a 25 inch, 16 lb 8 oz eight week old baby -- which, yes, is off the growth charts!  I have been warning GW and GV to eat their  dinners and not fight about the brussels sprouts for fear that they'll be out paced in growth by their baby brother, but until today, I'd somewhat considered that to be an empty threat.  Suggesting that we revisit the reflux topic again at his four month well baby appointment, we're under orders to merely stay the course as, thank God, it appears to be working. 

The appointment with the pulmonologist was a one-month post discharge follow up - which, I find hard to believe was already 30 days ago.  Fortunately, the appointment was predominantly positive as the doctor was able to reassure us that the lingering post-bronchiolitis symptoms we're seeing are entirely normal for his current place in the recuperation process and that the additional vibrations and grumbling that we've been fighting are likely caused by his reflux and not originating as a new lung infection.  Giving us an infant respirator as well as a large prescription for albuterol, he expressed comfort with the current PT routine and any as-necessary use of the albuterol between now and the end of the summer.  Asking us to make a follow-up appointment for just before the school year, he stressed the importance that we make a game plan before the onset of the next RSV season to ensure that if - or more likely when - FG gets RSV again that it doesn't become another hospital-worthy case.  Appreciating his candor, we're on the books for a late August appointment and hoping that there is nothing worthy of note that occurs between appointments.  

Happily cooing and going while watching me type this, I am feeling pretty good about the trajectory of FG's current status and I pray that things continue on the up and up.  He's such an easy going, content little guy who likes nothing better than eye contact and snuggles so I'm feeling pretty blessed.  Seems like the worst (knock on wood) is behind us.

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