Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Food restrictions

So just when I thought life was getting a little bit easier and my pregnancy diet of eggs, eggs and more eggs was beginning to fade from memory, the follow-up appointments we've had for FG at the pediatricians have constricted my reality to a new level.   While things post-RSV wise are going well for our little angel boy, the antibiotics that he was given at the ER and over the first several days of his stay in the PICU have proven to be so strong as to thoroughly kill off the good gut-bacteria along with whatever other bad bugs may have been lingering. And although this is a minor complaint compared to the risk of facing bacterial meningitis (and therefore a call I would gladly make again), the knock on effects of this complete zeroing of the "pro" biotic scale is enough to both pity his sensitive little tummy and to rant at my rotten luck. 

Causing him to suffer from a constant case of reflux and a smattering of rashes and diarrhea, the doctors have recommended that I assist his recovery from the antibiotics by beginning a series of food restrictions to help his little stomach get back to normal.  As my diet directly impacts the nourishment he gets through breast milk, I am placed in the position of doing what he needs at the expense of my palate or forfeiting the opportunity to breast feed -- which I can flat out tell you is not going to happen.   So, starting the restrictions with all things containing dairy at last week's  appointment, the pediatrician handed me a sheet of paper with all the dietary vocabulary that, until further notice, I need to be leery of: 

Unfortunately, at the follow-up appointment we had yesterday, the pediatrician agreed with me that his symptoms of rash and copious spitting up warrant the escalation of my dietary restrictions to include soy and nuts as well.   Hoping that the combination of these three usual suspects enables his skin to clear up, his spitting up to diminish and his diapers to be more predictable, I have my fingers crossed that some combination of the three will be the key to making tummy wobbles disappear for our quickly growing little one.  

The thing that is surprising me, however, is that as straight forward as it seems like it should be to avoid all things with dairy, soy and nuts, it's a lot harder to find ready made food or ingredients that don't include these in some form or another.  Who knew that soy is in canned tuna, most breads, mayonnaise and cereals?  What's a diabetic to exercise if my go-to quick carbs of chocolate, yogurt and milk are all off limits? How the heck is a girl supposed to attack the world in the morning without a cup of coffee (the "proper" way to make a cuppa in my opinion: two scoops sugar, one part coffee, three parts milk)?  I am sure that I'll figure this out the further we get into this, but daggnabbit! 

I guess on the up side, all the proteins, vegetables, fruits and grains I can eat should be able to help me shed the rest of my baby weight, but with GW and GV sitting here next to me eating pb&j on store bought bread it's hard to see any of my own benefit from this scenario.  For the little man, of course, it makes total sense and I'm not about to cheat, but were this just for me, I'd be off the bandwagon before hitting the doctor's office parking lot! 

FG, may you never doubt how much I love you... 

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