Wednesday, February 4, 2015

God Gave Me You.

In a moment of impatience to have more contact with the little man, I asked HB to pull out our fetal doppler last night so that we could listen to Baby's heart beat.  Having been relatively quiet for the afternoon with only the occasional hiccup or jab to my ribs, I figured the rhythmic drumming of his heart would bring a calming bedtime reassurance that - even if labor hasn't started, yet - he was hanging out and happily doing his thing.  

Covering the probe tip with the sea-green gel, HB placed it with acute precision on my belly and immediately we began to hear Baby's 131 beats per minute.  But then, all of a sudden, something weird happened... the heart beat stopped and in its place came the unmistakable lyrics of "God Gave Me  You."  Having never before heard this machine transmit radio frequency in the combined 27 months we've used it for our three pregnancies, this change of pace took both of us by surprise...  

Now, the truly funny thing about this is that about two or three months ago, HB and I were talking about the personality niches that our kids fill and speculating about what Baby #3 would choose.  Taking the lead as first born, GW, who has recently become known as "G Wiz" at our house, is incredibly smart, very high energy and beyond compassionate.  Translating that into his actions and aspirations, he's taken to discussing that when he grows up he wants to become one of the firefighters that goes into the Twin Towers on 9-11 (we watched the footage together to help him understand an event we were hosting and he thought the first responders were the most heroic men and women he's ever seen).  While the issue of time travel hasn't been broached and, as his mother, I appreciate his sentiment but would really, really rather he did not pursue such... selflessness... it does fairly well summarize his unique personality.

Following in her big brother's footsteps, GV is similarly brilliant, curious and exceptionally happy - the combination of which she expresses in most creative of ways.  Quick to apply her knowledge and understanding of the world around her (me: "what's this letter, GW?" / GW: "I don't know" / GV: "That's an 'H,' Mama"), she recently dubbed herself "Princess Pee" as a result of her combined interest in the PBS children's show "Super Why" and toilet training.  Given that HB loathes all socially driven princess-phenomenon things, it's hilariously entertaining to hear his accolades emanating from the bathroom for her appropriate application of the moniker.  Proving herself cunning with with words and humorously attuned to the attitudes of people around her, I have no flipping clue what she'll become as a grown-up, but I have zero reservations about the broad scope of possibilities.  

Coming to Baby #3, I'll admit that I have been not-so-secretly hoping that this little one might select the laid-back, easy going and plain-ol'-chill personality niche that we have yet to witness.  Knowing full well that he already looks very much like both his siblings, combining their brains with a bit more tranquility wouldn't be such a terrible thing to my mind... But do you think that'll happen?  Well, let me just tell you optimists out there a little story before we draw any conclusions... 
So there HB and Grandmama were, no shit, sitting in the kitchen watching Saturday Night Live music videos.   Not so much a music fan myself, I was flitting back and forth doing Lord knows what about the house as they went from one random band to the next - Neil Young, Aerosmith, Willie Nelson, LL Cool J - clearly proving no linear taste whatsoever. Now, you'd expect my Mother and HB to skip certain videos for others with actual musical substance, but no, giving all musicians their artistic license they set about listening to all the songs that popped onto the play list.  Tolerating some songs and meeting others with complete annoyance, I was nothing but stunned when Baby not only woke up, but actively started to kick along with the steady beat (aka noise) of Kanye West.  
So, to answer my own question, no, I don't think I'm in for a peaceful little guy this go around.  Given his musical interest - and questionable taste - at this in utero stage, I think it's more likely that I wind up with G Wiz, Princess Pee and a rapper than I will with any other unfilled personality niche, desired or otherwise. 

Bringing this all back to the doppler last night, you can see the irony in the first time presence of music emanating from my belly.  The fact that it was country music rather than Snoop Dogg or whomever else HB has been playing lately and that the song had relevance to the 1 Samuel 1:27 bible verse "for this child I have prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him" was frankly awesome.  I'm so excited to meet this little man in the next week (can you believe it?!) and to see who he's going to become... rapper or not, serene or not, he's my baby and for that I love him entirely.

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