Friday, January 9, 2015

Last Pre-Baby Endocrinology Exam

Going into day four with my CGM down and no estimated delivery time for my new transmitter battery, I went to my endocrinologist's office today for yet another pregnancy check-up with very little confidence that my sugars have been as tight as they ought to be this week.  Knowing full well that these few days won't have a huge effect on my HgA1C as it's a three month average of my blood glucose readings and since I'm getting measured more frequently than is typical, I could somewhat safely estimate that today's A1C reading would be relatively close to last month's of 5.5.  

Sans kids, Grandmama or HB (aka taunting the traffic Gods to let me get home from NOVA in anything resembling a reasonable amount of time), all of my attention was focused on the appointment and I cannot even begin to tell you how mystified I was by the ignorance of my nurse as she asked me questions about my diabetes. 

"Are you still taking Dexcom G4?"  she inquires.

"Yes, I still use it,"  I respond patiently. 

"How many units of that do you take a day?"

My internal monolog: "Seriously, are you freaking kidding me? It's my continuous glucose monitor, woman! It doesn't use or even measure units! And come on, there are only so many of them available on the market and used by this office! Are you seriously asking me this as if it were a prescription drug?!"

My answer: "It's my glucose monitor."

"Oh.  Are you still taking Medtronic Minimed?"

"Yes..." I said in attempts to mask my skepticism of what was to come next. 

"Is that a pill or something?"

My internal monolog:  "O. M. G.  You have got to be kidding me!"

My answer: "It's my insulin pump.  I use it with humalog." 

"Oh.  I'm new to this diabetes thing."

My answer:  "You're lucky."

Scurrying out of the room after checking my blood pressure (98/80 - um, shouldn't that have been of concern?) and taking a sample of blood for my A1C, she skips several of the typically routine pregnant-diabetic questions and leaves me to wait for the significantly more competent and well trained Doctor.  

Surprised to see me without entourage, Dr. Rogacz dives right into my chart and the CGM trends I've provided for her covering the previous week.  Reporting that my HgA1C is up to 5.9, she theorized that this increase - while in the wrong direction - is likely as a result of less prevalent overnight hypoglycemia and an apparent growing trend in mid-afternoon highs.  Merely suggesting that I add Symlin to my late-morning coffee or adjust my bolus settings for my mid-day meals, she snaps my chart shut and announces that as far as she's concerned I'm doing beautifully.

"The next time I need to see you is two weeks after delivery.  Otherwise, make sure that you set your pump to your lowest basal setting for delivery and that your husband knows to turn off or disconnect your pump at the infusion site if you need to have an emergency c-section.  If he doesn't do that, anesthesia will just rip it out and you'll need it after the procedure is complete." 

Finding it terribly ironic that she didn't really feel like she needed to see me today and that the more serious conversation she planned to cover was intended for HB instead of myself, I appreciated the vote of confidence from my go-to diabetes expert that I'm doing everything motherly-possible for Baby #3 and that on her scale of patients - both pregnant and not - I'm one of the few she's not slightly concerned about.  Wishing she could send those exact words over to the perinatologist for their diabetes-rant days where I come away feeling like I'm the biggest diabetic screw up on the planet, it was nice to know that at just shy of 34 weeks of gestation that I'm off the hook for additional "you need to be monitored" appointments until the end of February.  

Again: go me. 

And to top it all off, there wasn't a bit of traffic on the way home and door-to-door my typical 2.5 hour Friday afternoon commute took me 52 minutes.  Now that's a good way to end the week on a medical high note! 

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