Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dexcom Down!

I am feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet.  About four days ago, my Dexcom monitor began to doo-da-loo at me with an error message I'd never seen before: "Transmitter Battery Low.  Order Replacement."  Thoroughly confused by this message as I'd just replaced the monitor this past September, I plugged in my CGM to it's USB port and rolled on with life.

Then, at about one o'clock in the morning this past Sunday, it hit me.  The error message was so darn clear, the transmitter battery is low, not my monitor battery -- in other words, the gray piece I attach to my new sensor on a weekly basis needs to be replaced.  So no matter how well charged my blue CGM monitor is or how fresh my sensor is, with a dead battery in my transmitter my CGM is about as useful as when trash day falls on a national holiday (yes, we were hit three times recently thanks to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day all falling on Thursdays... no, I am not annoyed...).

Having contacted my Dexcom customer service rep first thing on Monday morning, I learned that it will take 3 to 5 business days to arrive here at the house.  So with a possible arrival time of this Thursday at the earliest or next Monday at the latest, I have been crossing my fingers that the low battery holds out until the earliest possible time that my replacement transmitter can arrive.  Unfortunately, however, as I was going about the morning routine today my monitor stopped reporting my glucose trends and indicated my transmitter is out of range.  As I'd seen this error message before it didn't initially register that my CGM needs more than my sticking the monitor in my pocket for a while... so you can imagine how dumb I felt after carrying this thing around for an hour to no avail when it hit me that, yet again, I'm being completely dense.

My transmitter battery is d-e-a-d, DEAD.  I have yet to receive shipment notification from my supplier that my new transmitter is on it's way.   I've officially thrown myself back to the Stone Age of diabetes management as, for the second time this pregnancy, I'm back to finger sticks to track my blood glucose.  As my insulin requirements continue to change over the course of the third trimester with the placenta making my body increasingly insulin resistant and with baby and me being incredibly sensitive to glucose swings - him and my AFI levels, apparently, responding to my in-range 70-140 mg/dL blood sugar variations; me responding emotionally to the mere suggestion of my diabetes incompetence or a potential c-section - this is NOT the ideal time to have my high tech gismo go out on me.

Keep your fingers crossed that my new transmitter arrives soon and that the mean time doesn't somehow manage to make my head explode.  I head to the perinatologist later today (solo... boo hiss) and it's my first appointment at the hospital's Antenatal Testing Center, so I'll report back sooner rather than later on how things are going... so, seriously, all the fingers you can spare to crossed are appreciated!

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