Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Asleep diabetics say the darnedest things. Apparently.

So early this morning, I feel a nudge from HB as he asks me the question: “are you going to correct your blood sugar?”

Marginally aware that an alarm is going off, I grunt in response: “that’s just my alarm clock.”  

Ironically not satisfied with this dismissive answer given his, um, professional ability to sleep through his alarm clocks, HB insists: “NO, that’s not your alarm clock. That’s your glucose monitor.  You need to fix your blood sugar.” 

Annoyed with his persistent inability to just let me sleep, I hit snooze as I conclusively state: “If I fix my blood sugar for it every time, it will never learn to fix it for itself.”

Gotta love a sleepy diabetic's hypoglycemic logic...  thanks for the looking out, HB!

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