Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Let Marathon Training Begin!

Geography lesson: this is Vermont,
NOT Idaho.
So this past Saturday, after an 11 hour car ride in which we sang Jingle Bells 3,026 times, stopped for coffee 5 times and made word games of town names at least 17 times (seriously PA, "Lackawanna"?!), we made it up to Vermont in one piece.  GW was a great sport about it, like usual, and I am pretty sure GV would never like to see her car seat again... too bad for her we need to drive back to Virginia in August!  Never the less, we made it here and - given our immense to do list of house projects, course work and marathon training - hit the ground running. Literally.

With one week to go before our no-sh*t 16 week training program begins, I decided to take the first opportunity I had to get a little jog in.  Figuring that although there are some killer trails to run around Bread Loaf Mountain, being an unaccompanied diabetic I probably ought to stick to something "trafficked" (this is Vermont after all and far less populated than Virginia) just in case the worst happens and I pass out... because, face it, I'd rather have some random Subaru driving stranger find me than an opportunistic cougar!  So opting to run down Vermont Route 125, at high noon I strike out to finish the 3.8 miles from my campus to our place.

Talk about stupid.

Between the midday heat emanating from not only the golden orb directly overhead but the black, hot pavement beneath my feet, the intense humidity and the elevation change from 59 feet back in VA to 1,430 feet in VT, I was a pathetic pile of sweaty mush by the time I actually made it back to the house. For those of you who know that I'm from Colorado and that my home town is at 5,003 feet, this post is probably a gross disappointment, but having last lived in the Centennial State in 2007 I can honestly say that East Coast humidity felt more natural to me today than the slight change in elevation!

The only saving grace for this run - beyond having gone out for it at all - is that I at least made the correct decision to start my pre-training-training going down hill rather than making a round trip run or a one way trip up the mountain.  I think my future runs need to either be much earlier in the day or (prepare for immense vexation due to the gorgeous natural playground I'm in) on a treadmill...  I mean, seriously, I can't afford to fall behind on the 16 week schedule without running the avoidable risk of under training and injury.  Maybe when I get my feet back under me I'll attempt to hit the pavement again?  Or better yet, when HB comes to visit (for he couldn't come with... so sad), actually check out the Green Mountain National Forest trails that start just feet from the front door.


Whatever, I went running.  All for now.

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