Tuesday, May 28, 2013

6 Months, already!

I feel like I am that stupid groundhog in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  I've stepped blinking out into the spring sunlight and instead of spotting my shadow as I expect to see it (for it has, after all, been spring for sometime now), I've found it much altered by my companions.  No longer is my little boy little and my bitty bundled newborn bitty, but rather there is a tall beanpole and a bouncing (literally) baby in their place.  I'd much prefer to think of my "blink" as more Rip Van Winkle-esk than admit that time is flying as fast as it is, but when reality is measured in growth spurts and a handful of months mark milestones that years or decades mark for us adults, I humbly acknowledge my preference is irrelevant.

Six months have passed since November and my two little wild flowers - for they certainly are not weeds! - are ever so much more of themselves in personality and in substance than they were.

Top: "What's she doing?" on December 2, 2012
Bottom: Pre bedtime exchange on May 7, 2013

Today was GV's six month well baby appointment which she cooed through with flying colors.  Measuring in at 26 inches in length, 17 pounds 11 ounces in weight and a head circumference of 17.5 inches, she continues to keep near the top of the growth charts. Of course she wasn't exactly pleased to have her vaccinations, but with some clean shaven snuggling from HB (a much appreciated break from his "too scruffy" face) she was back to her sweet, smily self within minutes.

Left: Hospital snuggle with HB on November 28, 2012
Right: Oh so fashionable road trip on May 23, 2013

She's not quite ready to start crawling yet and her little teeth haven't broken through as of now, but I'm expecting that by the time we get to Vermont in late June she'll be on full throttle in every direction.  I'm not too eager for her to be starting the next phase as I thoroughly love this snuggly, immobile age, but the way she is increasingly interacting with and venerating her older brother makes me wake up each morning wondering what "aww moments" the passing days will bring.  They so key off of each other and it warms my heart the way they exchange smiles at the mere sight of one another and laughs with each play session.

I often tell GW how much I appreciate his help with his sister, but I've got to brag about how much of a God send GW is to this tired, frazzled Mom.  For one thing, back in December he learned the words to the Christmas carol "Jingle Bells" and, on top of the overly adorable rendition of the song he does, he figured out that when he sings this to GV she - no matter what - stops crying.  Much like his infant response to Edith Piaf, she instantly ceases screaming and watches him "dash through the snow on a one horse open sleigh" with glittering eyes and complete adoration.

He also is teaching her to bounce.  Previously, when I'd place GV in her bouncer seat she'd sashay her weight from foot to foot and then scream until picked up.  But when GW began to fiddle with the toys around the seat and bounce in front of her with the encouragement "bouncy baby, bouncy baby!" she pushes both feet into the floor and squeals with harmonic glee.  Freeing my hands for a moment or three, I send a silent prayer of gratitude upward for such invaluable help and all around happy sounds.

While I cannot peer into the future and guarantee an everlasting bond between these two, I ardently hope they continue as they have started.  I hope they aren't too eager to grow out of their already becoming too small size 5T and 9Mo clothes and into the fads of their generation, but such is life and one day - I pray not too soon - they'll have independent lives and families of their own.  Between now and then, I hope my groundhog like self will miss my shadow once and a while and drag out their childhoods for as long as God will allow.  I'd be lying if I said it was entirely rainbows and poptarts, but  I'll take the bad with the good and love them regardless.

Left: GV home coming on November 29, 2012
Right:  sweet snuggle on May 15, 2013

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