Friday, April 12, 2013

3.5 Year Update

Okay, let me get this straight... not only is my itty bitty baby no longer itty bitty, but GW's birthday was six months ago already?!  Are you fricking kidding me?! That means Halloween is only six months away... that he starts school in five months... that he's practically four years old already!

Remind me not to blink ever again... too much changes each time I do.

GW and HB next to Daddy's 1986 outline self-portrait
Having outgrown multiple physicals a year at the pediatrician, we're doing our best to keep tabs on the growth spurts this kid continues to have.  As of this morning, GW weighs in at a slender 38.5 pounds (85%) and 42.75 inches tall (~105%)!  That's up three fourths of an inch since February!  Wow.

I'm thrilled that he's growing so beautifully and that he's putting on height rather than girth given how much he eats (are you kidding me?), but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm somewhat worried about how huge he is.  He towers over kids his age and big kids regularly confuse him for a five or six year old; and while I am thrilled he is invited to play and that he's so eager to interact with other children, the reality is that the combination of his big size and that he's not developmentally where his "peers" think he is works against him.  Often more rough than he wants to be, GW doesn't quite have full coordination or control of his body and despite his good, playful intentions he, for example, is accidentally pushing kids down when he simply means to play tag.   I fully recognize that he just needs time to learn that he's bigger than most of the other kids, but for the moment I find myself harping at my truly sweet child to be "nice nice" and "gentle."

GW watching over GV and wearing his self-made
 Bunny Friend carrier (HB's heart rate monitor)
The good thing, thank God, is that GW is not sharing challenged and when little guys come around, he's often the first to offer a toy or to ask "want to play with me?" And, still very much GV's champion, he sweetly makes sure his baby sister has what she needs and he purposefully checks to make sure "she is smiling" amidst his wildly creative adventures.  To which, as a sappy, gushy parent, I must say warms my heart more than any other random pop tarts and rainbows out there.

You know, he often reminds me of the character Big G in the movie That's What I Am (2011) and while I ardently pray that he never faces the bullying that Big G does, I am proud that GW demonstrates similar personality attributes of Alexander Walter's kind, self-assured, gentle giant character.  I only hope that I can parent him well enough that as he grows he becomes the person that he, himself, is happy with and proud of.

Happy half-birthday, my angel.  Love you lots.

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