Sunday, March 10, 2013


Remember how I said I bought two new pairs of shoes? One pair of minimalist and one pair of normal running shoes? Well, I found out the hard way why they say to break them in slowly.

Seeing that it was the first beautiful, sunny day we've had in a while, we went up to DC for a run and picnic yesterday.  Intending to do only 3 miles around the National Mall and then a quite sandwich lunch near the Tidal Basin, I stupidly reminded HB that the last time we went up there we decided that the next DC run would include a trip up Capital Hill... which lengthens our typical route by 2 miles.  Ignorant of what the extra distance was about to do to my body, I was thrilled to be out for a run and the shoes felt fantastic as we powered up and back down the Hill!  I was moving easier, taking shorter strides and pushing off much harder than I had been previously - I remember at one point HB even commented that our running pace dropped down to 7:36!! Of course we haven't been running enough lately to hold that pace, but dang! These minimalist shoes dramatically change my gate and stride turn over!

About the time that we looped around the Reflecting Pool, I began noticing that my calves were tight and much more tired than normal.  By running on my toes instead of using a whole-foot strike, I was engaging my calves for essentially the first time, but I had no freaking clue how sore I'd be today.

AND OH MY GOODNESS.  I cannot move...  I look like a thoroughly broken, overly stiff old woman today!  Needless to say, I've learned my lesson: I will never again do long training runs in minimalist shoes!!

Oh, and thanks to Mommy Brain, I completely forgot
 about the marvelous invention of sunscreen.  OOPS.  At least they match.

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