Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

About two years ago now, HB and I began to talk about a void in our life that we'd previously disregarded:  faith.  Personally, not having grown up in a religious family or having any sort of spiritual expression, I'd only thought about the meaning of life or the "bigger picture" in existential terms, which worked for me.  But given the changes in our lives since 2006 when HB and I met, namely our marriage, arrival of children and my diagnosis, we began to wonder if there was something more than what we wanted to give the universe credit for.

Being self-identifying logical, rational and scientific people, it was a mental stretch to go from zero to GOD, but for this personal reason and that family value we opened the door for the possibility. Seeking a community of like minded, morals based people, a better acceptance of that which we don't understand and an avenue through which we can continue to pursue self-growth we methodically researched and discussed spiritual faith and organized religion.  Ultimately the right "fit" for our family became obvious and we made an active choice to open our hearts to the Grace and Love of God and our minds to the learning opportunities the Divine sets before us.

So, last night at the Easter Vigil, after months of RCIA preparation and personal prayer, I finally joined the rest of my family as an official Catholic.  We're so grateful to all of you who have supported us through this process and for the understanding you've freely given for the choices we've made for our life.  No matter what, if any, faith you practice I gratefully thank God for your kindness and compassion... I only hope that I may be increasingly grace-full in my actions and words so as to be to you what you've been to me.  Even if you randomly read this blog and don't know me from Adam, I appreciate your time and hope you find my blog to be helpful in whatever way it can be.

With that, Happy Easter to all!  

The Easter Bunny (who as we all know 
is a primarily benevolent pooka) visited
GW and GV while we were at mass.  He
left quite an egg adventure (which GW 
thoroughly conquered) and generously gave
the kids matching his & hers froggy friends.
Unfortunately he mischievously left some 
bunny droppings on the carpet, but hey, what can you expect from an invisible 
6 foot 3.5 inch tall rabbit?  

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