Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Work out buddies...

I was reading a blurb recently from Real Simple Magazine about how thin people stay thin and I was particularly struck by one point the article made: thin people have thin parents.  Citing that only 30% of this is genetic, the rest is environmental factors I am hopeful that HB and I are on the right track to keep our kids within healthy BMI ranges.

By modeling healthy choices and an active lifestyle, GW and GV are growing up with exercise as a regular, normal thing rather than something they'll have to learn about after possibly accumulating excess weight.   HB and I constantly take them out with us when we go for runs and they both seem to take their role in the process quite seriously - GW always yells "go go GO!" and GV wails whenever we slow down or stop, so it's definitely a family event.  Ultimately, when they're big enough, I fully plan to take them out jogging with us but for the time being their motivation is enough participation to keep us all satisfied.

Course, now that we are four days into Insanity both little ones are figuring out just how to be involved in our new exercise routine.  GW has decided that he's big enough to get his interval training groove started and, GV, well, as long as she's within arms distance (if not actually in arms) she's happy.  Perhaps it is not exactly the best way for us to do the work out and perhaps they're both trying to run before they can crawl (figuratively for one, literally for the other), but hey, they're at least starting down the road of a good habit and it's time together.    

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