Saturday, February 23, 2013


Alright, people, the time has come... Sean T has officially re-entered the building!

For the first time since Fall 2011, HB and I restarted the Insanity work out routine today and, seriously, there is a reason the program is named what it is!  For those who aren't familiar with it, this 60 day program combines plyometrics, body-weight lifting and cardio interval training in a way that would make even the most fit, manly, stoic marine cry.  Constantly encouraging quicker speed and therefore more reps, Sean T makes a 30 minute work out feel like a three hour lifting session... it's insane!

The first day of the program is a fit test that is comprised of eight exercises lasting one minute each.  So along with before pictures (over my post-pregnancy body will those be posted until I have after shots to post as well!), this is a way to track your physical improvement as you progress week by week through the program.  While I am not exactly happy with my initial results here they are --

Switch Kicks: 84
Power Jacks: 49
Power Knees: 99
Power Jumps: 35
Globe Jumps:  8
Suicide Jumps:  15
Push-ups Jacks:  33
Low Plank Obliques:  53

The last time we did Insanity, we made it about four weeks into the program before we were worn out and in need of a much needed break (which we took as running a half marathon).  I'm really hoping that we can physically last longer this go around and get the same - if not better - trimming and toning results as before. Starting with a BMI of 20.3 and body fat reading of 18.3%, I have 6 lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and 14 lbs left before I am back to my ideal weight.  We'll see how long this takes.

That said, I am disconnecting my pump, putting on three bras (so not kidding), rolling up the living room rug, and cursing Sean T for the ridiculous awesomeness that is INSANITY!

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