Tuesday, February 19, 2013

12 Weeks

I cannot believe that GV is twelve weeks old already, time is just flying by.  She's growing beautifully (up to 14 lbs 6 oz) and is a gorgeous roly poly, chubby baby who is full of big smiles, adorable "ah-goos" and, in her opinion, all too many hiccups.  Although she has her moments, I feel thoroughly blessed that she is such a sweet, happy baby!

The last couple weeks have been rough on her though -- all of us actually -- because each of us have had the winter scuzz.  Despite our best efforts, we've played hot potato with these germs and, considering her tiny immune system, it seems like GV is bearing the brunt of it with a significantly congested nose.  She hasn't been running a fever or anything super serious, but when your three month old baby sounds like a snuffleupagous and develops a previously undiscovered knack for screaming you're justified in excess concern.

So with this in mind and hearing GW's wet cough, I took both the kids up to the pediatrician this past Friday to make sure that they weren't developing something more serious than whatever this blah started out as.  Reassuring me that it hadn't gone to their lungs and that their ears still looked fine, the doctor suggested I give GW honey for his cough and that I try a Nosefrida on GV.  Well, as you can imagine, the spoon full of sugar went down smoothly with GW but I struggled with the "snotsucker."  This thing is designed so that you place the end of a tube against your infant's nose and use a mouth piece to suck out whatever is blocking their nasal passageways.  Well, I must not have much in the way of lung capacity or something because I found that sucker to be extremely difficult to use.  I think it'd probably work well for a simple runny nose, but for the full on congestion GV has going I am having to rely on the good ol' bulb syringe.

Course I am sure most parents out there are familiar with the screaming, unhappy baby that goes along with the use of an aspirator -- but for those who don't have first hand knowledge, just imagine snot being forcibly sucked from your nose and the disgusting tugging feeling that must accompany it (there's a reason we don't remember these things from our own childhoods).  Well, oddly enough, my beautiful little weirdo here likes it.  She gets all sorts of excited when she see me pull out the aspirator and, although I know she's not developmentally there yet, it's almost like she already rationalizes that it's good for her and that the discomfort is a temporary solution to her problems.  Granted she gets annoyed after a while and gives a good "waaaaaaaah" to let you know she's done, but the picture says it all folks.

Weird, right?  I'll take it, but that is absolutely bizarre.

You know, in a lot of ways, GV reminds me of her brother when he was a little guy.  He wasn't a fan of having his nose cleaned like she is, but otherwise they have a very similar temperament -- and given that he is turning out to be a very kind, thoughtful child I am over the moon about this!  He's adjusted to his big brother role so well, I am very proud and grateful that he is who he is.  (Yes you, GW.)

Of course, I must say, he's shocking the heck out of me right now with his growth spurts.  Since the beginning of January, this kid has grown half an inch (42" tall now) and he's officially out grown toddler size shoes.  Now wearing a boy's size one there is only a four centimeter difference between the size of his feet and mine.  He is three. I am two weeks shy of 27 years old.  How ridiculous is that?!

Whenever we look at height predictors that estimate how tall your child will be when full grown as an adult, the math comes back that GW will be somewhere around 6' 6" give or take two inches for a margin of error! Can you imagine trying to feed a teenage boy who will likely be between 6' 4" and 6' 8"?!  I can't... perhaps I should just purchase a supermarket.

They are great kids.  I wish there was something more I could do to make them feel better right now, but I'll admit I appreciate the scuzz induced extra snuggles.  Some day they'll be too big and they wont want their Mommy to dote on them or stick an aspirator up their nose when they're sick... but even with as big as they're getting, that day isn't today and, for that, thanks be to God.

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