Monday, January 28, 2013

Two month update

GV is two months old already.  I don't really know where the past eight weeks have gone, but they have and, to be honest, the drama of the pregnancy feels like years ago. Our life with GV around feels so natural and normal - albeit crazy at times, but that is typical.  We've found a battle rhythm that seems to keep everyone happy, most of the time, and despite GW's lectures to GV that she "needs to poop in the toilet, not the diaper!" I think they're doing remarkably well together.  He is very eager to help out with her and she just lights up whenever he is around - lectures and all.

We took GV into the pediatrician today for her third well baby appointment and, despite the tears she shed over her three vaccinations, I am glad to report that it went really well.  She's a very healthy, happy baby and the doctor had nothing but positive things to say about her development and growth.  Check out her stats:

Weight: 13 pounds 3 ounces (96% up from 22% week two)
Length: 23 inches (75% up from 50% week two)
Head Circumference: 15 3/4 inches (81% up from 26% week two)

Despite the diabetic baseline and the number of additional complications we had in the pregnancy, it seems that the care I took to make sure she'd be safe both in utero and after birth paid off.  She's a perfectly normal baby and that is the most any mother - diabetic or not - could hope for!  I just continue to pray to God that she stays healthy, happy and safe for her whole life... and may it be a long one.

Love you GV - xoxo

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