Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Running, sans supervision!

The last couple weeks have been over cast, cold and dreary - more or less the meteorological embodiment of my state of mind and energy levels.  I've avoided leaving the house without HB in an attempt to reduce the overwhelmed feeling I get when GW is melting down, GV is hollering to be fed and Lord knows what else is pulling me in six different directions and making my back seize with stress.  Fortunately when HB is home I've got the backup I need, but, I tell you, when it's just me and those clouds I couldn't feel more unmotivated to complicate my life with a trip to the grocery store or rainy playground outing.  But today things were different.  It was the nicest, warmest weather we've had in Virginia in ages - seriously the sky looked fake it was so blue! The sun was shining and, even though HB wasn't here, I decided to take my chances and get out of the house.

Going through the pre-outing check list, I tested my post-breakfast blood sugar to make sure it'd be stable enough to take the kids out on my own.  My meter beeped and it read 230 mg/dL; way high.  Now, granted, hyperglycemic blood sugars ensure I wont randomly pass out and leave my children unsupervised on a walking trail or vulnerable on the swings, but for someone who takes pride in tight glucose control such high numbers are horrific.  I don't know what's causing them, but I've seen several high readings like this lately - I mean I am not under bolusing, miscounting carbs or over eating... I'm just off.   I'll need to talk to my endocrinologist about this...

So I punch in the bg numbers into my pump to see if a correction dose is necessary; which it isn't.  I've got 2.3 active units of insulin left in my system from my breakfast bolus and I only need a measly 1.3 units to get back down into my ideal blood sugar range.  But not wanting to wait for it to take it's sweet time (haha, get it?) to come back down I decided to throw out the mental debate I'd been having between taking GW for a bike ride or simply going to the playground and opt to go for a run instead. 

Now, I've never done this before... "this" being running with the stroller and "this" also being running by my-diabetic-self because HB always pushes the stroller and HB always runs with me.  You might think this is mean of me for not helping tote the extra weight around (stroller: 34 lbs + GW: 38.5 lbs + GV: 13.3 lbs + GV's car seat: 11.7 lbs = 97.5 extra lbs!) or you might think I'm genius for creating a scenario that "requires" HB to exercise, but the reality is the stroller makes my hands go numb (a sensation I loath) and I am terrified of the worst case outcome when combining diabetes with exercise, passing out.  If I pass out with HB around he knows what to do, but if I pass out without him the what ifs start to pile up and I typically don't find the risks worth running. Literally. 

But with my blood sugar sky high, the weather this nice and my mood more zipp-a-dee-doo-dah than normal, I detach my pump, place it on the night stand, lace up my Asics and we head to the car.  Since exercise works to improve insulin efficiency in the body, I know that by running my glucose levels will drop and by starting with my blood sugar so high, removing my pump and strategically checking my bgs along the way I can get back down into a healthy range sooner and then consume quick acting carbs as necessary to prevent going too low.  So without my babysitter and child-pusher, I put my music on and hit the pavement... within one mile my blood sugar was down to 138 mg/dL and by the end of the three mile loop it'd gotten down to 65.  

Admittedly I failed to keep my sugars in the safe range, but I accomplished everything else.  I'd put a mental block in my head about my ability to push that stroller and run on my own that didn't need to be there.  So what that my hands loose sensation? And, yeah, my diabetes still requires conscientious treatment, but oh well, c'est la vie. The point is I can do it - and not half badly either!  Granted I'm not about to let HB off the hook now and run on my own all the time, I'd still prefer to have him around... it just goes to show that the lesson learned today is that I run with HB because I want to, not because I have to.  

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