Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Learning to Juggle

Finding time to write with two little ones certainly is harder than I initially anticipated.  I remember what it was like right after I had GW - in between nursing sessions I'd work on whatever I wanted while he was napping.  But now, while GV is napping I'm tending to GW and while he is napping I'm quite often tending to GV or whatever other to do list item that is pressing.  Don't misconstrue what I mean, I am certainly not complaining, but I am quite baffled at what happened to my clocks while I was at the hospital... I think my Mom and GW must have reprogrammed them because there is absolutely no way that 24 hours pass as quickly or as unnoticed as they do now.

No? Wishful thinking.

For months now, HB and I have been told that the most difficulty parents of multiple children will have is in the transition from one to two kids.  I'd rationally thought it through while pregnant and come to the basic conclusion that, yes, that makes sense. But now that I am physically trying to juggle two kids - one with a newborn fragile neck and the other with 38 lbs of momentum - I must admit that I while I anticipated there'd be difficulty, I didn't comprehend what shape or degree that difficulty would be.

Things between GW and GV are phenomenal.  He's taken to her like he's been waiting for her arrival his whole life.  He constantly asks to hug or kiss her and he always does so with the most gentle actions you previously thought were impossible from an otherwise over-enthusiastic three year old.  When she cries he'll drop whatever he is doing and rush to her side to ask "what's wrong?" or to say "it's okay, honey" and if his arrival doesn't sooth her he'll immediately attempt to corral me or HB by yelling "hurry, GV needs you!"  He even - get this - likes to help with diapers... 

Obviously at three weeks GV is still a bit too young to express sentiment beyond quiet contentment or outright audible frustration, but she doesn't mind his near by antics (she sleeps through everything) and quite often seeks GW out with her eyes if he is within her line of sight.  In fact, I believe she might even prefer GW's singing to mine given her faster response to his oh-so-cute version of "Goodnight My Someone"... I think they'll be just fine together. 

Me on the other hand, thank God I know this is supposed to be hard.  In those moments where one's tantrum is topped off by the other's wailing it's all I can do to figure out who is on first... then you throw in low blood sugar, the oven timer going off and the dogs growling because something is bothering their baby (our Cane Corsos have decided that GV is most definitely their baby) and you've got a recipe for instant tears.  And there I thought I was just making Christmas cookies...

In a lot of ways my life right now reminds me of middle school - and not because of the weird things hormones do to one's complexion.  In seventh grade I tried out for my school's basketball team and after five days of busting my tail to get that dang ball into that hoop I was cut.  Mortified and heart broken, I went home and cried and cried and cried about it because I was sure that I blew "my shot" in more ways than just putting points on the score board.  But, instead of crumpling under such pre-teen humiliation, I kept practicing my dribbling and I went over to my neighbor's driveway to work on my shooting every day until eighth grade try outs... and some how that second go around I made the team.  

Now while it may seem like there is nothing that corresponds between this outwardly random story and my current reality, there is one similarity that I boil it down to:  practice makes perfect -- okay, perhaps not perfect, but at least markedly better.  Back then I needed that extra year to improve my ball handling, and now I cannot expect to be perfect day one (heck, month one) and I need to take each day to practice my zone defense... I may be on the junior varsity team of multi-child moms for the foreseeable future but one day all the struggling I'm doing now will pay off.  I'm not sure when that day will be or what  I can do to make the grade sooner rather than later, but hey, at least there is the comforting thought that when we eventually have more kids, I'll have figured out the juggling routine with these two to the point that adding a few more will be a cinch!  

Until then, I'm just going to be grateful that GW and GV get along and that she's growing beautifully (she's officially outgrown premie clothes!).  The rest, well, we've got time and many more blog posts for that... 

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