Sunday, December 30, 2012

2 miles down, 22 lbs to go


I made it four, almost five, weeks without exercising, but waiting another two will drive me absolutely mad.  Between the beckoning my running shoes are incessantly doing, the taunting the scale does each morning and my mental stream of expletives each time I have to put on maternity pants rather than normal jeans I'm just about at the end of my post-bed rest couch potato rope.  So, to quote Rafiki, "it is time."

Godiva exercise fuel...
 quick carbs or extra calories?
After a much needed trip to the local Target to pick up running pants that fit (ug, how mortifying!), HB and I laced up our dusty sneakers, packed the kids into our new Bob Dullie (thank you CraigsList) and hit up one of our old running loops for a "test run."  Between his ACL reconstruction this past August and my involuntary pregnancy induced running hiatus, it's been months since either of us have put one foot after the other for more than a gimpy shuffle or waddle.  Clearly we weren't going for much in the way of distance or speed and, considering this was only day one, I must admit that our one goal was to prove to ourselves that neither of us are either too old, too out of shape or too broken to do it... which I am tickled pink (maybe it's just my asthma?) to report we accomplished! Granted tomorrow we might be a bit sore, but by jove, such mental exercise was well worth it. 

With my starting blood sugar reading at 177 mg/dL, we ran five minutes on one minute off for four sets around the local YMCA sports fields.  The high wind was an additional challenge and I over bundled myself for the weather something fierce, but we kept it mutually positive and pushed at an average ten minute mile pace (okay, HB pushed the pace and I tried to keep up... BUT I'LL FIX THAT!).  By the end of our second mile, my legs were exhausted, my blood sugar had dropped to 84 mg/dL and my body was soundly expressing it's disproval for my bra selection.  It's normal to have glucose ranges drop that far when exercising, but seeing that this was my first time running while breast feeding and diabetic I am thrilled to see that my sugars are acting like they did when I was running and simply diabetic.  Obviously I'll monitor it each time we go out, but hopefully the numbers I saw today will be a trend (and how about next time I nurse GV before we go, rather than after... ouch).  I'll keep you posted.

So with two weeks remaining before I'm officially cleared to exercise at my six week check up, I'm taking my life back and saying screw it.  HB and I both have about 22 pounds to lose before we get back down to our pre-pregnancy weight - and, for me at least, this is after losing 20 lbs in child birth! I definitely gained more this go around than with the first baby (only 26 lbs gained with GW), but hey, I was allowed to exercise in the first pregnancy and I didn't have to scarf simple sugar to keep myself going.  I don't think it'll be all that hard to drop the baby weight with the right amount of effort, the real challenge will be seeing how much time it takes to get back into competitive running... I'm thinking maybe going for a full marathon this year, so hopefully the pounds will shed right off and I can start training to step up into the big leagues of diabetic endurance athletes! I mean, really, half marathons are so last year... 

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