Saturday, November 24, 2012

Week 37, part two

Thankful for a labor free and turkey full Thanksgiving holiday, I was positively giddy to go into my last perinatal appointment at the Antenatal Testing Center on Friday.  Knowing that Baby's lungs aren't mature and that there wouldn't be a change in plans for what we'd do after this particular appointment ended, I felt like the day was going to be predictable pregnancy-wise for the first time in weeks.   Considering how worried I've been about the stability of my blood sugar, the occurrence of another abruption or whatever else could go wrong, it was a relief to walk in expecting a "simple" a non-stress test, my last sonogram (#20) and a quick conversation with the doc.

Being the day after a holiday, the testing center was ridiculously busy with two days worth of appointments -- there were 16 pregnant women and their spouses in the waiting room when we arrived -- we had a bit of a wait, but it was actually quite a pleasant wait because a 28 week pregnant woman came up and introduced herself to me because she saw my pump clip in my jeans pocket.  As it turned out, she has been a T1 diabetic for almost twenty years, she uses the same pump that I do and, as this is her first baby, she was glad to meet another insulin dependent mom juggling a kid and a baby.  Course I didn't have the heart to tell her that GW wasn't a diabetic baby, but it was nice none the less to swap battle stories and commiserate over the difficulty of our current circumstances... while it sounded like her diabetes gets along much better with her pregnancy than mine has, I really appreciate how this charming woman made me feel far less alone and stranded by my beta cells than I've felt in the last nine months.  So Erin, wherever you are, thank you for that!

Having seen me twice a week for what feels like months, the nurses called my family back to the NSTing area by asking GW to bring his mommy back.   While they're perfectly professional and good at their jobs, I must admit it is the personal touch these nurses give to patients like me that make me absolutely love them...  they put up with my family's quirks and a few of them have even let GW help with the testing process by allowing him to squirt the goo, place the fetal doppler and even help steer the sonogram wand.  Since things were going smoothly today and nothing was abnormal with the sono or NST, they had nothing but nice things to say and well wishes to our family upon my "graduation" from routine testing. It'll be kinda sad not to see them all the time, especially Tam and Sandy, but Lord knows there's always the next pregnancy, right?

Reviewing all the little details, checking my cervix for progress (2 CM) and confirming the plan for my induction on Tuesday, Dr. Bronsky verbally walked HB and I through the last few days of pregnancy.   Knowing my interest in moving about for the sake of labor progression, he said to fly be free and have a nice weekend but to plan on being bed bound from 8 PM Monday until post delivery (boo, walking helped so much last time) on account of how "brittle" my diabetes is and how closely they'll need to monitor the baby because of it.  While I am not thrilled to hear that, I understand the priority and I value that he's concerned with/aware of how sensitive my body is because of my stinking pancreas.   All we can hope for is stable, low (but not hypo) numbers over the next several days and through delivery...

All that being said, I've got a couple days of pregnancy left and by Tuesday (at the latest) we'll go from a family of three to a family of four.  We're going to spend the next several days enjoying our time with just GW and, hopefully, we'll go into next week with minimal complications and confidence in the arrival of a happy, healthy baby girl.

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