Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hallelujah for Hypoglycemia! Wait, what?

So at 1:50 AM last night I woke up with a start -- something, unfortunately, that isn't uncommon any more.  Between the trips to the bathroom to vomit, the horrendous coughing episodes that violently shake our bed and the occassional contraction that reminds me that no, seriously, labor really is just around the corner I've found myself spending many an early morning wide awake for one reason or another.  But last night, in an ironic sense, was a nice change from the ordinary -- I woke up sweating, over heating and shaking in another state of hypoglycemia.

I managed to get my light on, sit up and, granted I had to stab myself twice to get enough blood for the meter, I tested my blood sugar.   The meter read 34 mg/dL.  With difficulty I managed to wake HB up and he helped me get some orange juice into my system (I also took the excuse to grab 4 pieces of candy corn - life and death situation after all).  So I sit up waiting for my blood sugar to return to normal ranges for an hour or so and by 3 AM my meter finally read a solid over night number of 94 and I was able to go back to sleep.

The funny thing about all of this is that it felt wonderful to wake up without the other symptoms I've been experiencing the last couple nights.  My hypoglycemia was so bad that I couldn't feel my throat hurting or my chest aching, I didn't notice the congestion in my nose or lungs and I felt - ironically - normal again.  Course when I woke up this morning to HB's alarm clock it was with the same coughing, gagging and contracting as yesterday so the escapade back to "normal diabetes land" was short lived and fleeting in the night. 

I called my new endocrinologist to let her know about the low and - get this she calls you back personally - she said that unless I begin to have more hypoglycemic readings during the day that the baby is likely burning through too much of my glucose over night and that is causing the severe lows at that point.  However, she continued, if the lows continue during the day then we need to worry more about the integrity of the placenta - and given that she knows what she is talking about and my perinatologists trust that she knows what she is talking about, then those are the honest to God options for explanations.

So all morning I watched my bgs stay in normal ranges as I tried to decrease my body weight by at least one lung, but this afternoon has been a different story.  My blood sugar post nap #4 was 39 mg/dL... I had juice... I checked again and it was 38 mg/dL... I corrected again... I checked again and it was back up to 39 mg/dL... I waited... I checked again and it was down to 37 mg/dL... and as of about five minutes ago it finally got up to 47 mg/dL.  Needless to say, something is wrong and the grams upon grams upon grams of carbs I've ingested to correct this low aren't going very far.  I've left a message with Dr Rogacz and I'll fax her my logs tomorrow, but seriously this is ridiculous.

Just what I needed - to be excessively sick and having more diabetes complications. If I was a betting person I'd wager that my water breaks sometime soon... because, really, why wouldn't it?

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