Thursday, October 4, 2012

TOF: The new PTO

Yesterday morning, while doing my daily pre-preeclampsia routine, I weighed myself and just about had a panic attack.  From the last time I weighed myself before going to the hospital my weight is down a total of eight lbs! That is an additional three lbs from Tuesday morning... While I'd normally be throwing a party about the scale showing a lower number, it's not exactly a trend a pregnant woman wants to see during the third trimester of pregnancy when multiple pounds should be added!

So I called and left a message for my doctors wanting to make sure that they weren't terribly concerned by such a dramatic drop.  After several hours I eventually got a call back with the nonchalant guidance that "don't worry, sweetie, such changes day to day are just water weight."

Okay, fine, I know that water weight can cause a few pound swing one way or another on any given day, but eight pounds over one week? The doctor then went on to explain that what I'm probably seeing is my body evening out after a week of full bed rest and hydration and that my body is finally showing the real numbers of atrophy induced weight loss... Sigh.  Eight.  Pounds.

Accepting that at face value (after all atrophy isn't a danger to the baby, only an annoyance to me), I asked him for further clarification about what kind of activity I am allowed to do post-hospital.  Initially confused by why I was in the hospital and thinking that it was because of a complication with placenta previa (which as you remember, has cleared up entirely) he said "just don't do heavy lifting or vigorous exercise."  Correcting him and explaining what happened at the hospital the doctor got quiet and asked:

"We didn't put you on anti-contraction medication?"

"No.  But I am having contractions when standing for long periods and after short stints of walking."


Comforting, right?

Well, he explained that the fellow who discharged me made a mistake and should have at the very least told me to stay off of my feet for an additional two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.  BUT that if my body was showing signs of exhaustion (aka contractions or physical weakness - both of which I'm experiencing) that I should listen to my body and do more bed rest than the minimum he would require.  He seemed comfortable with my next appointment being next Tuesday, but asked me to keep him posted if there were other problems that came up between now and then.


So... considering walking to the pharmacy from the car caused contractions, standing cooking dinner caused contractions, putting GW down to bed caused contractions... yeah... bed rest is definitely what the doctor ordered.  As HB and I have been joking lately that he's going to need another bonus of Paid Time Off (PTO) from the office for his spectacular work (yes, this is ANOTHER shout out for you - enjoy it!) given the high maintenance this pregnancy is requiring, he decided to give me a raise in my hourly acquisition of "Time Off Feet" (TOF).   Very generous, dear, thanks.

That said, I am going back to my comfy pillow and another episode of Dinosaur Train with GW.  We've recently been learning about the fact that all dinosaurs poop and that only some of them are nocturnal...  GW seems to think that they are all called "bigosaurus" and that the pretend, invisible dinosaurs in our house need to constantly be put in time out in the back yard because they can't use their indoor voices.

Too funny.

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