Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lows continued...

So after sending my blood sugar logs to both the endocrinologist and perinatologist on Monday, calling both yesterday and again early this morning to ask "what's up doc?" one of them (the perinatologist) finally got around to calling me back five minutes ago.  Yes, that is three business days later and one and a half hours after their offices officially close for the day...  so you can imagine how grumpy I've been as my blood glucose has continued to drop.

According to Dr Khoury there is either one of two things happening.  Given that I'm quite close to delivery (we're considering 32 weeks close? Wow... that's so not comforting), one possibility is that the baby is so busy swiping the nutrients from the food I eat to put on weight herself that my body isn't actually absorbing any of the carbohydrates that I am bolusing for.  Alternatively, the other option (as I've explained previously) is that the placenta is deteriorating and my increased insulin rates aren't necessary because the placenta isn't producing pregnancy hormones at the high rates that are appropriate for its gestational age.  Either way, my blood sugars are continuing to bottom out and Dr. Khoury agrees that hypoglycemia isn't a good position for me to be in at this stage in the pregnancy (this is mostly because of the risk of falling).

I guess it is a good thing that he didn't sound too concerned over the phone about getting me in to see them before my appointment next Tuesday. He did specifically request that I call the office in the morning to make sure that they have me scheduled for a few more tests that they otherwise would have waited to run until the following week.  He said to continue to decrease my bolus and basal rates in my insulin pump as necessary and to fight the lows as aggressively as I can "with the help of my endocrinologist" ... yeah, if she'd bother to call me back.  Hmph.

Well, considering my bg was 53 an hour ago and I "over corrected" with a piece of fudge and 8 pieces of candy corn and I'm still low (a lot of good those carbs did, I'm only up to 65) I think it's time for yet another dose of sugar.  You'd think I'd be thrilled to have the excuse to indulge my sweet tooth, but honestly, I'm pretty ticked off that I'm forcibly eating crap food to satisfy the sick needs of my bleeping pancreas.  I mean come on, if Baby is absconding with all of my nutrients then she shouldn't be gorging her tiny little self with the loads of simple carbs my body needs to balance out her well rounded diet!  And if, Heaven forbid, my placenta is breaking down then Baby needs for what little work it is bothering to put in to be quality rather than mere junk...

On Tuesday we should be able to know a bit more one way or the other by looking at the degree of calcification on the placenta and at Baby's weight.  If her weight is on track or higher than expected for week 33, then she's the cause of my hypoglycemia.  If her weight is below where it should be or if there are visible white patches of calcification, then the placenta is not only sending my blood sugar low but it may be adversely impacting her growth.  In either case they'll do a fetal non-stress test to see if she's okay and we'll go from there.  Obviously the ideal situation is for me to continue to be pregnant for an additional four weeks to make it to term, so we'll see what results those tests show and what options the doctors feel like they have.

I'm generally trying to remain calm and keep the contractions (yes, they're still happening and no, they're not much better) from being too frequent or too long, but I've got to admit that I'm feeling first timer stressed and overwhelmed right now.  I can't control anything when I'm constantly trying to play catch up with my sugars.  I can't plan for anything when the baby could arrive whenever (minus the hour of driving, of course).  I can't do anything or go any where without taking contractions or the physical exertion of simply standing into account.  Perhaps I'm just antsy from hanging out in bed so long or maybe the lows are really getting to my head, but I'm exhausted from anxiety and there is nothing about pregnancy right now that feels familiar.  All I can do is remind myself that there is a sweet little precious angel on the tail end of all this stress and that next time (yes, we still want more kids after this) it might be easier.

I don't think I should hold my breath though.  It'd probably cause hypoglycemia or some other something-or-other that I just don't want to deal with right now.

Again, hmph.

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