Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 29 Prenatal Appointment

Had my week 29 prenatal appointment this afternoon and I am happy to report that things are looking (mostly) good. The Sonogram shows that Baby is right where she needs to be size wise (a healthy 3 lbs flat) which means my AFP abnormalities are not presenting growth restriction issues and my blood sugar control is tight enough that fetal growth isn't excessive. The sonogram also showed my placenta is securely out of the way of the cervix and it's high enough now that the phrase "what previa?" is completely appropriate to apply to the remainder of the pregnancy. While this is obviously great news, that doesn't necessarily mean I'll get the vaginal delivery I've been hoping for after all – it appears that Baby is extremely content to hang out in a fully breech position and unless she flips over, I'll still require a c-section. For the time being I'm not going to worry about it since there are several many weeks left and I'll just be content to be annoyed with her use of my cervix as a trampoline.

We did receive one new bit of bad news that will require additional monitoring (yes, on top of what they're already doing) - the doctor said that the placenta is beginning to look "old." While I have yet to do my typical extensive research on what this means, it is my basic understanding that toward the end of pregnancy the placenta begins to calcify as it prepares to detach during labor. So when a doctor refers to an "old" placenta that typically means that it looks to be closer to 39 or 40 weeks old, which is not an issue at that point in a pregnancy, but obviously at 29 weeks that's not exactly awesome.

Having read of other diabetic mothers experiencing this complication I was not terribly surprised to have the doc introduce the issue, but I will admit it's frustrating to hear of yet another thing that could/is going wrong with this pregnancy. I asked her if there was anything we could do like an injection of botox or apply a prescription strength anti-wrinkle cream but apparently, much to the dismay of my sense of humor, there really isn't much that is doable about it. She said we need to keep an eye on it more closely by watching amniotic fluid levels for decreases, my blood glucose for unexplainable hypoglycemic episodes or drop offs in fetal growth from possible malnutrition.

So with that "I'm old" announcement, my placenta signed me up for every two week appointments a month earlier than typically necessary. While my life seems to be a revolving door of doctors appointments at least I can say that this little girl will have one very full pregnancy scrapbook with all the hoops they have me (gingerly - come on I'm 29 wks pregnant thank you) jumping through.

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