Thursday, September 6, 2012

Week 26: Good bye second trimester

Week 26, the final week of the second trimester, began this past Tuesday with my second perinatal appointment since I've been back in Virginia.  As the past two weeks have been spent consciously (and unconsciously) brainstorming questions and concerns about the pregnancy, I arrived at the doctors office with a long list of topics to cover and completely full of jitters about what new complication or difficulty they'd uncover this week...

I dropped off what feels like the billionth urine sample (seriously, this is ridiculous, I'm doing one a day and one per doctors appointment) and we were immediately ushered into the ultrasound room.  Which reminds me -

I completely think a shout out is due here to the Perinatal Associates of Northern Virginia for their amazingly prompt and punctual service! At the OBGYN's office I used during my first pregnancy, Care for You OBGYN, all of us pregnant Mamas would be left sitting in the waiting room for hours after the "appointment time" started.  I always tried to schedule my appointments so that HB could come and wouldn't miss too much work, but every time my appointment would be scheduled for 3 PM I wouldn't even get seen by a nurse for my vitals until sometime between 4:30 and 5:30 - and they insist you show up on time!  It was horrible.  Even if I hadn't been diagnosed with diabetes and didn't required a perinatologist instead of a regular OB, I wouldn't have gone back to that office even if I'd been paid to go.  But that is beside the point, the Perinatal Associates of NOVA are on the ball and they deserve much praise for their amazing patient care!

Where was I? Oh, right!

- So the ultrasound specialist has me lie down, squirts the warmed (yes, ladies, they bother to warm the goo!) gel onto my protruding belly and begins to check things out.  This particular specialist isn't as chatty as the other one is, but she's got the kind of "shh-I'm working" demeanor that you don't really mind that she's engrossed with her work rather than asking what color you've painted the nursery (yellow by the way).  Any way, she clicks and clicks and asks me to roll over this direction and then lay back again and - oops! Baby moved - roll back this way again and ba-da-bing!  She announces the placenta has moved up by 3.5 cm and that the baby's weight is - exactly - on track for this week at 2 lbs flat.  After helping me wipe off the gel, she presents GW with yet another series of ultrasounds shots for Baby's already thick scrapbook and happily shows us down the hall to the nurse's station for my vitals check.

After learning that my blood pressure and pulse are still remarkably low (a good thing), my weight is increasing at an appropriately slow rate and that my son is adorable (well I knew that, but it was nice to hear the nurse say so), we were seated across the big mahogany desk from one of my favorite people on the planet - Dr. Barbara Nies. She took a look at my new HgA1C numbers, my sonogram results and my daily pre-preeclampsia logs and without a note of uncertainty in her voice pronounced that my sugars look fantastic, my placenta previa is no longer a concern at 3.5 cm and that I'm as fit as a type 1 diabetic Mama can hope to be at this point in pregnancy. Which means:

* I am not doomed to a c-section unless another problem arrises, but given my history with successful vaginal delivery the doctors are hopeful things will progress as they did last time.  (Ladies and gentlemen, get your stop watches ready, I'm gonna try to beat the 35 minutes active labor record from last time!)

* Pre-term labor is not as major of a concern at this point and they're hopeful that I'll make it at least to 36 weeks, but that'll probably be plus or minus two weeks given my pregnancy history.  Between now and then, they'll continue watching my blood pressure for signs of preeclampsia and Baby's growth rates for irregularities as a precaution.

* With the partial placenta previa out of the picture and just a normal low lying placenta to work with, the doctors have lifted my no exercise restriction and they're even allowing me to pick up GW if it doesn't hurt my back.

So all of that is fantastic news and I couldn't be more thrilled with the out come of the appointment!  I am relatively hopeful that my week 29 appointment in three weeks will go just as smoothly as this one did.  As we'll be signing on the dotted line for the property we are purchasing in VT (have I mentioned that yet?) at the end of the month, I am kind of banking on the doctors saying I continue to look fantastic (and what pregnant woman doesn't like to hear that?) and will let me travel back up to Middlebury for closing...

What did you expect?  You know me by now:  we keep things complicated!

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  1. Hooooray! And GW is quite a handsome little man. This is a truth.