Saturday, August 11, 2012

Update amid chaos...

Sorry for the hiatus everyone - between final papers for class and getting back home to Virginia it has been a crazy week and a half.  I am hoping to sit down and have some time on Sunday to answer a couple questions people have sent in... so bear with me.  I will also be posting a new Baby update after I head to the perinatologist on Tuesday to actually get answers that I've been missing for the last six weeks.  At the end of the month I check in with my endocrinologist in person and should have an updated HgA1C at that point.

I have time for one quick funny story now though...  Last week, I was talking with my endocrinologist over the phone about my blood sugars and she asked me if I was having any trouble with resistance.  After week twenty in a pregnancy - I am almost to week 23 - insulin requirements go up and up and up because of the sponge like nature of the placenta, so her question is logical and will be increasingly more common until November.  Well, at that point, I was able to articulately answer that "no, things are just fine" and that "no fine tuning is necessary."  Knowing full well that God and my pancreas have a funny and sometimes sick sense of humor, the next day my sugars were all sorts of out of whack... a day early and a dose short, eh?

Let the reindeer games begin!

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